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Nestled within a Natural Park in Valencia Province is a secret space for your soul to recharge and find deep profound peace.

In Temple Hill, you will experience intimate healing and learning retreats.

Stay in a cosy villa and discover how different it can be fo you!

Purpose 5 Day Retreat
for Embodied Empowerment members

Do you dream of spending several sparkling creative days nestled within a Temple, surrounded by the Mountains and Nature, deepening your connection to your Authentic Self? 


Do you yearn to silence the inner critic, quiet your monkey mind, and breathe in peacefulness reconnecting with your Purpose? 


Do you seek inspiration for your life, to play creatively through painting and art-making, to a walk through the landscape, a chance to dip your feet in the sea, hang out in nature, and learn to connect to your soul, body, and spirit through shamanic practices and healthful inner practice?

So if you're saying ... Yes...  Yes...  Yes ...!
Then we would love to welcome you to share this special experience with you...


Over five days we weave a thread through the different parts of self, reconnecting each to the other.


Building a strong foundation from which you can open to power, and then directing it to where you want it to go. Drawing into your life what is most resonant for you right now. 

You will be assisted, through a guided process, to reflect on where you are now, connect with your uniqueness, decide what you want and create a vision to move forward – All in a peaceful environment of safe sacred space.


This retreat is designed to help you to Open to Power.  


It is not a final destination:  it’s a path, a journey, and a yearning to explore and connect to your life’s purpose.


During our 5 days together you will open to power and connect with your authentic self through inspirational shamanic teachings, practices, intuitive soul art & and painting, surrounded by nature and connecting with the most amazing people. 


Sounds amazing, yes?  

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