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Modern Day Alchemy... What it is and Why it Works

Step into a realm of tranquillity with a Space Harmony Specialist.

The ultimate way to achieve harmony and balance in your surroundings.

At TranquilSpaces, we redefine the concept of living space.

No longer just walls and furniture, your home becomes a sanctuary a haven where serenity reigns supreme. We merge ancient wisdom and techniques to synchronize your space with energy's natural ebb and flow.

Forget about generic solutions; at TranquilSpaces, each consultation is a tailored experience, meticulously crafted to meet your needs and desires. Whether you seek solace in your bedroom, inspiration in your office, or peace in your living room, we have the expertise to fulfil your vision.

Bid farewell to stress, chaos, and discord.

Experience the power of TranquilSpaces services and embrace a life of balance and tranquillity.


Let an Elemental Space Clearing® unlock the potential for peace and serenity in your living or working space.

This groundbreaking technique swiftly removes negative energy residue, leaving behind a revitalized, invigorated environment.

Experience the immediate shift as your space becomes imbued with positivity, fostering well-being and focus for all who inhabit it.

Embrace the transformation and revel in the newfound sense of peace and joy. Try Elemental Space Clearing® today!


Book your consultation today and embark on a journey toward harmonious living.

When Space Clearing Is Most Effective


  • Before you move into a New Home

  • When you want to sell your Home

  • After a major Life Change

  • After illness or loss

  • Birth of a Baby

  • "Once a Year" Spring Clean

Space Harmony Services 
SPACE CLEARING of People, Spaces and Objects
  • Creation of TranquilSpaces
  • Energy Cleansing

  • Energy Rebalancing

  • House Blessings

  • ​Help Selling Homes

  • Clutter Buster

  • Art of Placement

By Clearing your Space you also Clear your Mind
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