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The Gardens of Babylon

The Gardens of Babylon is a movement lead by music & meditation, with musical visual and spiritual dream effects. From mass meditations to never-ending nights...

This family-based community organizes full experience events

We started in October 2016 to grow an ethical community that share. 

 Time to lose yourself inside The Gardens of Babylon and find yourself in life.

Central to each event is the Signature Opening Meditation,

as the resident Spiritual Guide and mentor for this community,

I guide the meditation exploring all aspects of personal growth,

creating a sacred energy as we set the intention for a beautiful event. 

This is more than just a houseparty, it represents our life.

Wild as the Moon

Welcome to the ancient Americas...
Time to listen to the sound of the wind and the calling of the moon. By now, we step away from the ordinary and enter the extraordinary. Together, we explore the wildest of nights in Amsterdam.

Time to listen to the sound of the wind and the calling of the moon.

By now, we step away from the ordinary and enter the extraordinary. Starting with a group Moon


Meditation lead by Villia de Koningh, our resident Spiritual Mentor and Guide, together, we explore the wildest of nights in Amsterdam.

The Dreaming is a partnership between Villia, and Stacey with regular collaborators, such as DJ Akasha.

Villia de Koningh: Is all about keeping it Real. Guiding people on inner journeys for more than 2 decades and believes that we all have the ability to heal ourselves.

Stacey Griffin: Is the founder of Shift and creates immersive sound healing and meditation experiences to help you unplug and reconnect with Shift Meditation

Embodied Empowerment is an open-to-all community that provides wellness events, experiences, retreats, and so much more.

Our mission is to help people discover, through mind-body experiences, how to take care of their own wellbeing.

Sophie Fagan, Founder of Embodied Empowerment, says:

‘Until we go through an experience, feel its effects in our bodies and minds, it’s difficult to truly understand whether or not it serves us. This can relate to people we connect with, places we go, or the kinds of things we like to do with our time. It’s a bit like eating, in a way - how can you know if something tastes and makes you feel good unless you give it a try? Sometimes the only way to fully experience something, or find out what works for you, is to bite the bullet and give it a go!’

Through collaborating with therapists, healers, and wellness practitioners of all kinds, we embrace the motto, ‘strength in community, not competition.’ Because, as well as facilitating unique mind-body experiences for all of our participants, we also aim to showcase the extraordinary skills of our range of talented therapists.

In this way, we hope to build a strong, supportive network of collaborators who continually learn from each other, and grow. And help people from all walks of life to embody their own empowerment.

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At Empower Amsterdam we know what it is like to be made redundant or when you are between jobs and haven't found work yet. You tend to feel a bit lost. You start to question yourself and your value to society. You wonder if there is something you should have done differently and what do you REALLY WANT to do in your career. We believe that coaching is the perfect tool to get your mindset in a positive mode, to help you clear your head of any negative thoughts, and to support and hold you accountable to take actions toward your goals. Career coaching sessions can cost up to €150 or more. If you have to decide between paying bills or investing in a coach, you will probably choose paying, your bills. However, if you are stuck and have not been able to find work or you want to redefine your goals then coaching can help you. So to get you started and give you the support you need to get back on your feet we have volunteer coaches who can help you.


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