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Re-discover your authentic self in 28 Days

Soul Cleansing Journey

In this six-week deep Soul cleansing journey, we meet one day a week for 4 weeks for sessions of between two to four hours, during each session, we explore how the energies of each different element relate to part of yourself. 

After each session, you will receive homework for the week.


During the six weeks, I will support with your insights and discoveries as you heal that which blocks you from fulfilling your life’s purpose.


Techniques I use during the 28 days, provide you with all the tools necessary to clear away all the clutter you carry around mental, spiritual and physical that keeps you from moving forward. 

Hear the messages from your soul, uncovering the authentic you in safe sacred space through Soul Journeys.

This will bring positive experiences into your life, healing blockages and attracting even more love, abundance, and joy.


4 elements


     Air            Water




    Fire            Earth

In 28 days you become attuned to how the elements interact in your daily life, you will learn to harness their energy to release the clutter in all aspects of your life.

sand picture

Your 28-day journey is completed by a

Vision Quest

Where you fully connect with your



Passion, Life Purpose, and Direction

as your Authentic Self.

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