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"If you are lost, she finds you
If you are restless, she calms you
If you are asleep, she wakes you
She brings you back to the place where we all started
Into the pureness, joy, wisdom, honestly, into yourself"
                                                                                                                 Monika Vojko

About Me

Being true to your Soul is the key to understanding your life’s purpose.


I have travelled the World living in India, England, Spain and the Netherlands, among other places. During this time I studied many different disciplines and techniques that have led me to live and fully experience life.

Working as a Soul Coach & Holistic practitioner, for more than 2 decades,  I guide you through private sessions which are designed to support you in your everyday life and beyond.


Take a Sacred journey in safe sacred space to the depth of your soul, discover the truth about you. Results are tangible as your energy increases, your life refocuses as your experience and achieve your optimum potential.


Consisting of individual coaching sessions using powerful techniques, we explore your relationship with yourself, and move beyond the blockages and into a positive flow, in any area of your life from wherever you are in the world, sessions can be face-to-face or on Skype, so wherever you maybe you have the opportunity to do make a positive change your life, let’s connect and see how we can walk the journey together, assisting you to achieve your highest goals, embracing a more holistic life.


Holistic coaching, works with the whole person, working with all parts of self, physical self, emotional self through to spiritual self to harmonize the flow of energy between all parts of self, using ancient techniques to bring empowerment and wholeness.

Card reading at Pleinvrees Festival
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