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Cultivate a Practice of Meditation

With a Meditation Mentor

Why cultivate a Meditation Practice

As your personal Meditation Mentor, I will keep you accountable supporting and guiding you, as your practice builds and strengthens with weekly lessons and daily homework.


We begin with the basics of meditation and move through to explore different types of meditation.


Over the course of 6 weeks, you will discover the power of regular meditation.


In the weekly in sessions of 2.5 hours, you will learn;

  • How to create Sacred space

  • Create an Alter, as a place of focus for your meditation practice

  • The power of your breath as a tool

  • Soul Journeys to Mindfulness Meditation practices

  • The magic of being grounded & centered in your Power

  • Keep a journal of your daily practice and the magic that flows into your life


As a bonus following completion of this course, you'll have access to the meditation subscription portal to access meditations FREE for 3 months.


This programme is available in a weekly group workshop or in private weekly sessions.

While you may be aware of the many scientifically proven benefits, for me these are some of the tangible benefits of a regular meditation practice that will Increase your sense of Happiness

  • Reduce & Manage Stress or Pain

  • Experience More intensely

  • Improve your overall Health & Stamina 

  • Sleep Deeper

  • Find Acceptance & Forgiveness

  • Find Clarity of Mind

  • Connect with your Soul

  • Heal you Life


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